«Hare’s Hut», a fairy tale from Pacific Harvest

«Old stories are like old friends. You have to visit them from time to time». (George Martin).

Mobile app in Entertainment category is intended for children up to five years old and offers one of the most loved Russian folk tales about animals. It is one of the oldest genres of folk tale, and the fact that the story is known by many generations of people in Russia and abroad indicates how popular, wise, and beautiful it is.


Bright, lovely illustrations in the app are made in realistic style and allow to study multiple details of folk life, costumes, feel the “Russian spirit” of this story and will not only entertain your children, but will also teach them a lot of lessons.  Hut, samovar and lapti, sarafan and Russian stove, these elements will not be shown to the child for nothing, they can spark interest and raise numerous questions “why?”  Many picture elements make sounds when touched, which allows your child to play a melody! Animations will amuse, entertain, and will let the little reader become a part of the story.


Adults can either read the story to their child or entrust this task to a professional actress who tells it expressively and beautifully, in Russian or English, which will certainly contribute to the development of your child’s speech.


Funny animation and music won’t distract the child from the plot and its heroes, whose examples will reinforce his understanding of good and bad, will allow him to experience empathy for the fate of the poor Hare, but eventually will let him rejoice in the triumph of Good over Evil. This app is literally at the door, beyond which begins a real relationship between child and a book, and it will certainly help to instill in him interest and love for reading, a sense of justice and faith in friendship.


The app is compatible with iPAD and requires iOS 5.1 or later version.

App features:
* Marvelous graphics
* Stunning music
* Amazing animimation on each page
* Retina-ready content
* «Piano»-fence
* 12 pages